NYC Vegan Food Guide

I’m really starting to travel more and as I do, you’ll see more posts on here for vegan food guides in different cities! One I would love to highlight for you all is NYC. The classic go-to for not just amazing food, but amazing vegan food! It seems like everywhere you turn in this incredible city, there’s a vegan option. Pizza, subs, sushi, ice cream; you name it… NYC has it for you, cruelty-free and all! What I love the most about these options below, is that all are 100% vegan.

Let’s go over some of my favorites:

Orchard Grocer


Orchard Grocer is an absolute DREAM. It’s an adorable & cozy all-vegan grocery store and deli and they serve incredible sandwiches. The staff was incredibly friendly, and I couldn’t get over some of the items. Vegan steaks, cheeses, deli slices, and chick’n are just a fraction of what you can find there. I ordered one of their most popular sandwiches, which is the Bowery breakfast sandwich: turmeric tofu egg, tempeh bacon, Violife provolone cheese, and spicy mayo on fresh hot bread. I was blown away; best breakfast I have ever had. Whether you want a delicious sandwich or need a quick snack, this is your go-to!



Champs Diner


Champs Diner is very similar to Boston’s Veggie Galaxy in the sense that they both have that “vegan comfort food” theme filled with burritos, pancakes, tofu scrambles, loaded fries & tater tots, and delicious desserts and frappes. Can you go wrong with anything on their menu? The answer is no. Champs really goes above and beyond to keep their menu fun and unique by adding specials every week along with their delicious staples. I’ve only gone a few times, but have been blown away. Their mozzarella sticks made with Violife cheese may possibly be one of the best things you’ll ever taste. Their “SAG” breakfast sandwich is also amazing, along with their breakfast burrito!





Marty’s V Burger


Want wings? Or do you want a burger? Or maybe some mac and cheese? Well… why not all of those at once (which I always support)? Marty’s serves incredible homemade seitan-based burgers (people call it the vegan Big Mac) along with fries, wings made from soy, mac & cheese, and more! The place is small and better for a more casual meal, but the food is absolutely delicious. They have combo meals that come with drinks and sodas as well. If you feel like balancing things out, you can order kale as a side too to make sure you get those greens in! I highly recommend Marty’s for a quick, easy, and satisfying lunch.


IMG_2328 2.JPG


Screamer’s Pizzeria


My love for Screamer’s Pizza is so real. Miss a classic slice of pepperoni pizza? Well, they got you covered! Screamer’s is known to make some of the best vegan pizza including seitan pepperoni, buffalo cauliflower, garlic & mushrooms, and so much more. They also come out with weekly specials, and some of them consisted of burger pizza and Frito pie pizza. Safe to say their pictures are drool-worthy, and the taste did not disappoint when I visited! Their seitan pepperoni pizza was my favorite; the flavor was so spot-on and the cheese was so melty. I can’t wait to go back! You can get any flavor by the slice. Similar to Marty’s, this is a very small place and better for a casual, quick meal.



Dunwell Doughnuts


Dunwell is the definition of an adorable and “hipster” doughnut shop with great coffee and a warming atmosphere. You can easily find a spot to relax, read a book, and completely indulge in homemade, fun doughnuts. I tried their French toast doughnut and their PB & J with chocolate drizzle doughnut. Both were sticky, sweet, airy, and absolutely perfect.




Modern Love


I was so excited to finally try Modern Love Brooklyn after I had been following them on Instagram for quite some time. I can gladly say the wait was worth it! The restaurant itself is beautiful & funky and perfect for a date night or just a night out with friends for a nicer meal or occasion. We ordered the mozzarella sticks (they were more in the shape of big squares…which I was totally okay with) and the Chickpea Cutlet Parmesan! It was the meal of my dreams. Their homemade cheese used in the mozzarella sticks and the main course was just phenomenal, along with the homemade marina sauce. The chickpea cutlet really did remind of me of classic Italian meals, but even better!




Beyond Sushi 

Manhattan (multiple locations)

Craving delicious sushi but also want a lighter & healthier meal? Beyond Sushi has got you! I really enjoyed their unique take on sushi and the different sauces they use. I got the “Sunny Side” roll and the “Spicy Mang” roll (two of their most popular ones.) I loved both of them along with their “Fun Guy” dumplings. Want to balance the healthier meal with some dessert? This 37th street location has some fun new options including a chocolate chip & peanut butter skillet cookie!





Blossom Du Jour

Manhattan (multiple locations)

So glad I made a last minute decision to check out Blossom Du Jour! Another great place to go for a quick bite to eat, or if you’re looking for some pre-made sandwiches for the go. Really fantastic menu with classics such as burgers, chick’n sandwiches, mac & cheese, and more. I got the un-chicken avocado griller sandwich with pesto mayo and lettuce. I really loved this sandwich; the chick’n had a great texture to it and it was nice and thin. Their buffalo cauliflower bites with caesar dressing were also incredible! A really satisfying meal, and I even got more to go for my bus ride home to Boston!



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