Plant City

The new vegan hot spot in the New England area is definitely Providence’s new Plant City — a mix of chef Matthew Kenney’s creations all under one roof. From burger bars, to coffee, pastries, Mexican food, Italian cuisine, and more, Plant City has everything you’ll ever need as a vegan, or for anyone who just loves food! Come prepared with a large appetite because hitting up just one restaurant is not enough. Everything is so delicious and if you make the trip over there, you got to try at least a few different dishes.
I absolutely love the ambiance and décor of Plant City. It’s open, bright, spacious, and the staff is beyond knowledgeable and welcoming every time. It feels like you walk into this whole other world and everything is fair game to order — what a dream for vegans! They even have a little marketplace filled with goodies that I can never find at my local markets in Boston.
The dining experience has always been top notch. It’s so nice to go to a place that feels more like a finer dining experience. I have yet to try the burger bar, but I do have some reviews below of Bar Verde, Double Zero, and some of the pastries. More to try and more to come in the future!

Double Zero

Talk about an Italian food lovers heaven! The Cacio E Pepe dish is truly a creamy & delicious experience that I will never forget. I’ve gotten it twice now — once with spaghetti and once with pasta shells. The sauce is so thick and it comes with a hint of lemon and the perfect amount of pepper. This dish really stood out, even being surrounded by pizzas next to it!
The “pepperoni” and truffle pizzas were also incredible. Great pizzas, especially for those who prefer thin crust. I love the macadamia nut cheese they use and how the pizzas taste and look a bit “fancier” than others you may get.
The exciting news about Double Zero is that there’s going to be a Boston location opening up in the near future! Stay tuned.





Bar Verde

Best. Nachos. Ever! If you’re going to this restaurant, you got to start your day off right with either the standard nachos or the chilaquiles rojos nachos for brunch. Their cheese sauces and cream they put on these are next level delicious. Also a huge fan of their jackfruit tacos — the portion is generous and the jackfruit itself had a great kick to it!


52DC897E-BDAD-4BFE-A636-1CE5167F4B9D (1).JPG


Desserts & Pastries

There are so many pastries to choose from at Plant City, including cookies, pop tarts, donuts, croissants, and more. I’ve tried a lot of the goodies and the one that really stood out to me was the croissant. So buttery and flaky! I have yet to find a selection of croissants in the Boston area, so this was a great treat.


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