Gaga for the Wagamama

Wagamama has locations in Boston & New York and they specialize in Japanese cuisine, ranging from noodle bowls, bao buns, tofu dishes, and more! This past year, Wagamama has certainly taken a spotlight as they continue to collaborate with celebrity vegan chef Gaz Oakley (avantgardevegan on Instagram).

Last year, they collaborated on a vegan egg dish — main ingredients consisted of seitan for the “meat” and coconut and sriracha for the “egg.” It was such a hit and we were lucky enough to have it hit the permanent Wagamama menu, along with their other various vegan offerings. If you haven’t tried this vegan egg dish, it’s a total must! It doesn’t necessarily have that “eggy” flavor, but it does take on the look if you’re seeking a fun photo shoot, and the flavor it gives the bowl when it’s all mixed together is amazing.


Just the other week, exactly one year after that launch, Gaz came back with something that’s even bigger and better, in my opinion! Vegan spicy ribs! Wow, these were absolutely amazing. The ribs were made with seitan and they had this delicious glaze & sauce on top. Just beware, as this dish is super spicy and will require a lot of water at your table! It’s paired with some greens and rice, a perfect combination with such a “meaty” dish. I had the pleasure of seeing Gaz again at this launch party — he’s always so kind and open to photos! I highly recommend you give this dish a try. It’s on the menu until the end of March, but if all goes well, it will also likely become permanent!



All in all, Wagamama is definitely a great vegan-friendly spot, whether you’re there to try Gaz’s dishes or not. Historically with my experiences, the service isn’t the best, but it’s always worth it because the food is very good! Excited to see them keep expanding their options even more.

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